Our Bavex Lending Portfolio Rental Loans for real estate investors, are designed to finance long term rental properties instead of short term investment properties.


What is a Portfolio Rental Loan?

A Rental loan is an asset based loan geared for long-term financing at a fixed rate. This loan can be utilized to free up your existing equity, combine other debt or purchase new rental properties.

This type of loan is used for purchasing properties not eligible for traditional financing options, such as federally backed loans.

Permitted properties include single-family, condos, townhomes, multi-family, and Commercial properties. These loans are 30-year fixed-Rental Loans.

Who can apply for a Portfolio Rental Loan?

Like other hard money loans, Rental loans are well suited for real estate investors who are not eligible for a finance loan due to either issues with the investment property or their own financial information. Any real estate investor, builder, or developer should be eligible for a Rental loan, and a W-2 is not required.

How can I get a Portfolio Rental Loan?

Is there a rental property you’re eying as your next big investment? Or a property you already own you want to jazz up for your tenants? Any real estate investor is eligible to get a Rental loan. Like our other loan programs, the application process is streamlined, making it swift and efficient. Talk to one of our expert lenders to receive a rate quote. Our team can’t wait to speak with you!

Ready to submit a loan request?

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After the completion of documentation, the loan officer and underwriter will walk you through your material and ask you basic questions about your experience and construction plans. Once they determine if you are eligible and the application fits, they will order an appraisal so you can move onto the next steps.

At Bavex Lending, we value transparency, so there will never be hidden fees or unwelcome surprises! Any remaining required documentation will be compiled at this point, and an attorney will close the loan application. We look forward to working with you!

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