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Direct Private Money Lending for Real Estate Investors

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Bavex Lending is a Nationwide Private Real Lender that is here to help you fund your real estate investments.

At Bavex, our team of experienced Loan Officers work directly with you to make your project possible.

Here are some of the loan products we offer:


Rates from 8.49%
Up to 90% Loan To Cost
Minimum Loan Amount = $100,000
Maximum Loan Amount = $10,000,000
100% Financing Available For Free and Clear Properties
Minimum Credit Score: 620

Fix and Flip

Rates From 7.49%
Up to 90% Loan To Cost
Borrow 100% of The Renovation Budget
First Time Borrowers Welcome
Special Program For Experienced Investors
Minimum Credit Score: 620


(Purchase or Refinance)
Rates from 3.75%
30 Year Fixed
Up To 80% Loan To Value
Portfolio Loans Available
No DSCR Program Available
No Tax Returns or Income Verification
Minimum Credit Score: 650
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BAVEX = Direct Lending + Expedited Loan Process for Real Estate Investors.

At Bavex Lending, our team of loan officers are heavily trained to secure the most advantageous options for prospective borrowers and to facilitate an expedited loan process.

We provide real estate investors direct access to funding to assure that any and all real estate investment goals are attainable.

It’s simple, you answer a few quick questions, get pre-qualified and find out your options, and close in as few as 3 days. We lend our own money at our own discretion, which gives us the ability to make decisions faster than anyone in the industry.

Time is money and speed is our commitment to you.

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