Our Bavex Lending Ground Up Construction loans provide swift access to funding and less paperwork. Like other loan programs, this type of loan is used for purchasing properties not eligible for traditional financing options.


What is a Ground Up Construction Loan?

A Ground Up Construction loan is a type of hard money loan used for building new constructions rather than purchasing pre-existing properties. Real estate investors and contractors are looking towards ground-up construction to streamline larger profits on their single-family rental portfolios and fix and flip properties.

Permitted constructions include single-family detached, condos, townhomes, and multi-family properties. The length of these loans ranges from 12 – 24 months long.

Benefits of a Ground Up Construction Loan?

Who can apply for a Ground Up Construction Loan?

Any real estate investor, builder, or developer should be eligible for a Ground Up Construction loan. Our Ground Up Construction loans are well suited for real estate investors who are not eligible for a finance loan due to either issues with the investment property or their own financial information.

How can I get a Ground Up Construction Loan?

Is there a real estate property you’re eying as your next big investment? Any real estate investor is eligible to get a ground up construction loan. Like our other lending programs, the application process is quick and simple. Talk to a trusted hard money lender to receive a rate quote. Our team of expert lenders can’t wait to speak with you!

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At Bavex Lending, we value transparency, so there will never be hidden fees or unwelcome surprises! Any remaining required documentation will be compiled at this point, and an attorney will close the loan application. We look forward to working with you!

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